Akechi Mitsuhide
Japanese Name アケチ・ミツヒデ
Gender Male
Star Eastern
Anime Appearance Episode 1


A strategist employed by the Oda Clan. He's the type to advance all affairs in calculated secrecy. As Owari faces invasion from other countries, he continues to support them with his excellent strategies. Though his personality is the mirror opposite of Nobunaga's, they are sworn comrades regardless of their positions or age.


Mitsuhide has long black hair with blue eyes and is always wearing a white yukata.


Mitsuhide is a very intelligent, nice and a trust worthy man. He also helps Nobunaga and other people out a lot. Although he was at first shown to have a really good relationship with Nobukatsu after some time he kills Nobukatsu, because he thought that if Nobukatsu became the next successor after his father died, the whole kingdom would have fallen. So he killed Nobukatsu for the sake of the kingdom. After that he kept it hidden from everyone and beared the pain on his own. It was later shown Mitsuhide secretly love Ichihime, although after Caesar forced her to marry him under a peace negotiation, Mitsuhides' feelings for her was broken. It didn't disappear though as he soon promised to protect Ichihime with his life. Later on both Ichihime and Ceaser die and it's revealed that Mitsuhide is the true savior-king.