Japanese Name イチヒメ
Gender Female
Star Eastern
Anime Appearance Episode 1

Ichihime is a princess in Oda Nobunaga's clan who is also known as the "Beauty of the Eastern Planet." In addition, she was the sister of both Nobunaga Oda and Nobukatsu Oda, as well as the daughter of the former heir of the Oda clan Nobuhide Oda.


Ichihime is a young beautiful woman who was about at least 19 years old. She had pale rose hair and caramel-brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Ichihime is a gentle, caring, lovely and charming young woman. She cared about her whole family more than anything, especially her brother Nobunaga Oda. She was one of the few people who understood his thoughts and actions and always defended him.

History Edit

She assisted her brother during the tea ceremony with Gaius Julius Caesar, with whom she became engaged. After helping evacuating the Oda Castle, she met Caesar again in episode 21, and was killed along with him by Bianchi and Nell.


  • The voice actress of Ichihime is also the singer of the first opening song as well as the Narrator.
  • She also possessed a beautiful singing voice that brought peace to people's hearts.